Snowball Fight Grammar Worksheet

snowball fight- grammar STICKER

I love these cartoons from my dad. They definitely deserve a fun story. So here’s my winter-themed grammar practice page! Click here for the printable PDF: snowball fight- grammar

One of my readers noticed a small mistake on the page (Thanks KW!). See if your kids can find it! (HINT: the directions should say: Be sure to use correct transitions, grammar and spelling, or Santa might not be convinced.)

Winter Parts of Speech Activity for Kids

Winter  P.O.S sticker 1

I love finding ways to incorporate seasonal things into my classroom! So I made these free printable winter/Christmas activity pages to help your kids review parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives) while celebrating the holiday season! Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable grammar activities (PDF): page 1   page 2   page 3

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Winter Grammatical Poetry

When it gets close to Christmas and winter break, it gets tough to help students stay focused. So here’s one winter language arts activity that will help you review some grammar while celebrating winter holidays! Click here for the free printable PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Winter

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical poetry- Winter

Parts of Speech: Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Parts of Speech sticker

Here’s a fun opportunity to discuss parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective)… all relating to turkeys! Your first, second and third graders will love this one. Click here for the free printable worksheet: Thanksgiving Parts of Speech

Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Worksheet

Here’s a fun twist on practicing parts of speech that came to me (*last minute*) the other day, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway… I combined the “color by number” idea with some basic parts of speech skills and ta-da! Hidden turkey just waiting to be revealed! Click here for the free printable worksheet: Turkey Color by parts of speech

Turkey Color by part of speech STICKER

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Thanksgiving Plural Nouns Worksheet UPDATED

Since it’s “thankful season,” let me first thank my family (especially my hubby) and friends for all their support as I’ve been building this blog. A HUGE thank you also goes out to those of you who have spread the word about my blog! I truly appreciate my readers and those teachers around the world who help the rising generation achieve their full potential.Plural Nouns- Thanksgiving STICKER

Here’s my free printable Plural Nouns- Thanksgiving UPDATED worksheet! It asks students to change singular nouns to plural by adding -s. There are no irregulars on this worksheet, so this is a great page for second grade (maybe with teacher help reading the words) or third grade. This would also be helpful for ESL or ELL students who need some extra practice with plurals.  Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Common vs. Proper Nouns Worksheet 2

Thanksgiving common vs proper nouns 2 STICKER

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Use this free worksheet in your first, second or third grade class to teach common and proper nouns. Click here for the free PDF: Thanksgiving common vs proper nouns 2

Click here for last year’s Thanksgiving common vs. proper nouns worksheet!

Grammatical Poetry- Thanksgiving

This free printable teaches poetry and grammar while letting your kids celebrate Thanksgiving! Click here for the PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Thanksgiving Happy Turkey Day!

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- Thanksgiving