Firework Even/Odd Number Worksheet

Firework Numbers stickerWhenever we have a family gathering (like Fourth of July that’s coming up!), I like to have something for the kids to do. Whether it’s a craft, new game, something to color or an educational page worth a candy, I don’t feel prepared unless I have something planned in case they don’t find something to entertain themselves. Check out this page. It’s super simple: just color the fireworks based on if they’re even or odd.

Download the PDF: Firework Numbers

Thanksgiving Color By Number (odd/evens sort)

Turkey color by number-  sort odd-even STICKER

This Thanksgiving color by number page seems appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade, depending on your students. It requires kids to determine if a number is in a certain number range and then if it’s odd or even (creating 8 possible groups where the number fits, which indicates the color for that section of the picture). Click here for the free printable PDF: Turkey color by number- sort odd-even   Happy Thanksgiving!

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