Characters and Setting Posters

I saw these posters in a first grade classroom and thought their simplicity made them effective. And they’re pretty darn cute! Click here to view this same teacher’s main ideas vs details poster.

setting postercharacters poster

Sorry this one turned out blurry!

Math Key Word Group Project

I recently posted my addition and subtraction key words posters. Then I saw this in one upper grade teacher’s room and had an idea for a group project to review these concepts at the beginning of the year.


Pass out a large sheet of paper to groups of 2-4 students. Then have them create a poster that shows what key words are associated with each of the 4 basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Then post them on the wall as a reminder throughout the year. If you don’t have enough space to display them all, designate one spot for a poster and rotate through them throughout the year. When you switch posters to display a new group’s poster, have the group members review the key words with the whole class.

Read to Lead and Succeed! (UPDATED)

I don’t really think I need to justify making these cute reading mini-posters, do I?

If you want to lead READ poster Click here to get the free mini-poster pictured above: Puppy Reading Poster 1

reading kitten poster
Click here to get the free mini-poster pictured above: Kitten Reading Poster

Today's Readers poster

Click here to get the mini-poster pictured above: Puppy Reading Poster 2