SeaWorld Perks for Teachers 2015

I’ve got a cool teacher bonus to share with you! SeaWorld has perks for teachers in California (and Arizona), Texas and Florida! Each park has different perks, so click here to check them out! Here’s my favorite perk: “SeaWorld® San Diego is proud to offer a complimentary Teacher Fun Card to all active and credentialed California and Arizona K-12 school teachers. The Fun Card is valid for unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Diego through December 31, 2015.” Awesome! Thank you, Sea World! 🙂

Things Animals Need (Graphic Organizer)

Animals Need preview

Week two blogging over at We Are Teachers? Check! This time, I created a graphic organizer based on the science standard that usually appears in lower grade science standards, identifying basic things that all animals need. So what are you waiting for!? Go check it out!

Click here to view my post and get the free printable!

Cool Halloween Ideas for your Classroom

Being a teacher on/around a holiday can be fun… or not. Here are two FUN ways to bring Halloween into your classroom:

Cool Halloween-themed science experiments!Source: Lemon Lime Adventures

Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Craft

Source: Crafty Morning

And just because I enjoyed this joke (from The Berry):
Fake Noodle

Slow Motion Bubbles (Cool Science Video)

slow mo bubbles videoI recently saw this video and it blew my mind! Such a cool science video. It totally inspired me to see the world around me differently. I’m dying to share this with my class!

Click to view the Slow Motion Popping Bubbles & Balloons video

Free Math Videos

I recently learned about a cool free resource for teaching! It’s called Khan Academy. It provides tons of free educational content-based videos, with topics ranging from math and science to humanities and economics. With a log in, students (or anyone) can complete learn by watching videos and then complete tasks to earn badges. Teachers can track the data for their students and use the materials in lesson plans. You may also want to refer parents to this site if they’re looking for supplemental materials for helping their child. What’s not to love!?!  I wish I had learned about this when I started teaching!


Soil as a Helper

Soil As A Helper STICKER

A friend of mine recently requested this printable/foldable. Here’s what she says about it: “This is a graphic organizer that students use to put the uses of soil. Students draw or write in each box a use. The sides fold so it’s similar to a brochure. This type of handout could work well also with vocabulary terms. For example, put the terms on the outside. On the inside, put the definitions.” 

Click here for the free printable PDFs:
Soil As A Helper
Soil As A Helper – with border

Using Memes in the Classroom

PutYourNameOnIt memeI absolutely loved this idea! It might work better with upper grades, since I don’t think younger kids have had enough exposure to memes to get as much out of this activity. This post from Mrs. Orman’s classroom talks about five ways to use memes in the classroom. Here are the five ideas:

  1. Teach about class rules, expectations and or procedures using memes
  2. Have kids create memes as ice-breaker activities
  3. Promote and reinforce your curriculum (such as a meme of George Washington)
  4. Creative activity
  5. Open house or new student orientation

Even if you don’t think using memes in your classroom will work well, her examples are HILARIOUS and totally worth the read!

Sun Observation Sheet

sun observation STICKERThe Utah 1st grade Science Standard 2 Indicator 2 reads, “Observe the sun at different times during the day and report observations to peers. Observe and chart the moon when it is visible during the day.” This idea is in most state science cores in one form or another. You can use my sun observation graphic organizer to help students keep track of what they observe.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Sun Observation Sheet