Dinotrux (Awesome Kids Book) to Become a Movie!)

Author/illustrator, Chris Gall, is my neighbor’s brother. Since I first met him and learned about his books, I’ve been impressed.

My favorite book, Dinotrux, has been a huge hit with our second graders. Dinotrux is a 32-page book that takes place in a fictional prehistoric age, when the world was ruled by Dinotrux, creatures that were part trucks, part dinosaurs (with species like the Craneosauraus, Garbageadon and Tyrannosaurus Trux) plowing and bulldozing their way across the terrain. I recently learned that it’s going to be made into a DreamWorks CG movie (potentially as early as 2018)!!

So if you haven’t had a chance to read it to your class, snag it from the library! You can use it to teach the value of writing, i.e. movies, TV shows, songs, and most ideas start out as writing!