Conflict Resolution Ideas

I saw this conflict resolution page up in a classroom and thought it had some good ideas:

Conflict Resolution Ideas

Super Hero Classroom Theme Ideas

Another friend of mine just did this door for teacher appreciation week. I have creative and crafty friends, I know. 🙂 This made me think of how cool it would be to have a super hero theme or bulletin board in your classroom. You could use phrases like “super heroes in training” or “It’s going to be a super year!” or “It’s been a super year!”  How awesome would it be to have a bulletin board for open house with pictures of students in masks and capes with the words “Welcome to our super class!” !?!?  Anyway, you get the idea…

Super hero door 1


Super hero door 3Super hero door 2Super hero door 4

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Adorable Owl Classroom Door

My friend recently made this door for her child’s teacher. I’m absolutely in love with it! I love the kids’ pictures, the colorful owls and the overall welcoming feel. I know this is something a parent did for teacher appreciation week (“Thanks for making us wiser” or “whooo’s our favorite teacher”), but teachers can use this same idea in their classroom, or to welcome their new students at the beginning of school. You could change the words to say “Owl set and ready to learn!” or “whooooo’s ready for a great year?!”

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Cool Reading Corner

A teacher friend in Utah snapped this cool photo of a first grade classroom’s reading corner. How cool!

reading corner

Have you seen cool classrooms? Get permission from the teacher and send me a photo!

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Characters and Setting Posters

I saw these posters in a first grade classroom and thought their simplicity made them effective. And they’re pretty darn cute! Click here to view this same teacher’s main ideas vs details poster.

setting postercharacters poster

Sorry this one turned out blurry!

What Did You Learn Today Poster

This idea came from a first grade teacher. She’s got a laminated poster (with a bunch of blank space on it) on her wall. Everyday, the class reviews things they learned that day. She’s got the students in a rotation schedule so everyone gets to be the scribe. The students like writing on the poster and it’s a great end-of-the-day review. Here’s her poster:
allison's poster copy

Main Idea vs. Details Literacy Poster

Main ideas poster

Allison (1st grade teacher) recently submitted this photo of her main ideas vs. details literacy poster. I absolutely love it! My favorite part is how she uses a picture as an example. I’m thinking I’ll make some sort of activity just like this. For example, I might show my students a picture of a house. Then I would ask them about the main idea (“a house”) and the details (“windows, door, roof”). If I ever get around to making a worksheet of this, I’ll post it. Thanks Allison!

Sweet Treats Behavior Management System

This was too cute not to share. This teacher gives her students “brownie points.” But the problem was that brownies look kind of weird up at the front of the room. brown squares weren’t as cute and motivating as sweet cupcakes. She uses a brownie pan as the “tracking sheet.” The cupcake papers are laminated and attached to magnets. Here’s a picture: