Write Your Name (poster)

write name poster STICKERI don’t know about you, but most times when I’m in a workshop or meeting and I’m given a handout, I instinctively write my name in the top right corner. You may laugh, but that’s the kind of automatic thing we want our students to do! I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make my own. Some students just need that simple little reminder and hopefully this will help! This poster is the size of regular printer paper (8.5″ x 11″).

Click here to download the free PDF: write name poster

What Did You Learn Today Poster

This idea came from a first grade teacher. She’s got a laminated poster (with a bunch of blank space on it) on her wall. Everyday, the class reviews things they learned that day. She’s got the students in a rotation schedule so everyone gets to be the scribe. The students like writing on the poster and it’s a great end-of-the-day review. Here’s her poster:
allison's poster copy

Main Idea vs. Details Literacy Poster

Main ideas poster

Allison (1st grade teacher) recently submitted this photo of her main ideas vs. details literacy poster. I absolutely love it! My favorite part is how she uses a picture as an example. I’m thinking I’ll make some sort of activity just like this. For example, I might show my students a picture of a house. Then I would ask them about the main idea (“a house”) and the details (“windows, door, roof”). If I ever get around to making a worksheet of this, I’ll post it. Thanks Allison!

Effective Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom


I saw this idea in an upper grade classroom and thought it was pretty cool. It’s a bulletin board about the things a good reader does: C  R  A  F  T

Comprehension: I understand what I read
Response to Text: I respond with thought and detail
Accuracy: I can read a variety of words
Fluency: I can read with accuracy and expression
Text Features: I understand and utilize text features

The teacher focuses on a reading skill and makes anchor charts that go with it. The anchor chart goes on the bulletin board to be referred to later.


P1030581This poster is an example of how students should do their math work. The poster shows how students should do their math work: specific heading, numbered problems, write problems left to right in rows rather than columns and the answers are circled. It’s a great way to help students remember what they need before turning in a paper. In addition, it’s a great reminder of how to do some basic math algorithms (in case your students forget).


Classroom Rules Poster – Owl (DIY)

Owls are pretty trendy these days. So when I saw a cute owl-shaped note pad at the dollar store, I just had to buy it (with plans to work it into my classroom somehow). Here’s the poster I came up with (pretty proud of my DIY project!):

owl poster

Our classroom rule is “no one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety or well being of others.” Each student will sign the poster and we’ll put it up on the wall so everyone will remember our classroom behavior expectations.

Increasing/Decreasing Poster

I’ve recently seen quite a few anchor charts on Pinterest that depict the math concept of increasing and decreasing. So I thought I’d make one for you:

increasing decreasing poster


It will fit best on a regular sheet of printer paper. Some people find it easiest to copy/paste this image into a Microsoft Word document and print it from there. It all depends on your printer settings and software…

Zero Property Poster

Here’s the free poster for the third basic math property:

Zero property Math poster

Feel free to print this out (fits best on a regular sheet of printer paper) and slap it on your classroom wall too! Then when anybody asks you about this property, just point to the sign. Soon, kids will just go look at the sign (or learn it for heaven’s sake!) instead of asking you, since they know you’ll only send them to the sign anyway!

Snarky Poster for Your Classroom UPDATED

I loved this phrase, and I love chevron, so why not put them together into a fun poster for your classroom! Free printable poster is formatted to print on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Click here for the free printable PDF: Study Maybe snarky poster