Character Sketch/Analysis Graphic Organizer

Character sketch graphic organizer sticker

Here’s a simple graphic organizer for elementary school character analysis. Click here for the printable PDF: Character Sketch graphic organizer  Enjoy!



Blank Timeline Printables

I love timelines. They encourage students to focus on sequencing and summarizing. Here are 3 timelines I made that work for various grade levels. Click here to see the 3 printable PDFs: Blank Timeline Templates. Enjoy!

timeline- boxes and lines timeline- boxes only timeline- simple boxes

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First, Next, Then, Last Graphic Organizer

First Next Then Last graphic organizer

Here’s a free graphic organizer for your students to practice sequencing, summarizing or story writing. Great for literacy centers. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF:

First, Next, Then, Last graphic organizer

Free graphic organizers from Zaner-Bloser

Wow. I’m bummed I just now found this (since it only goes through May): Teacher Appreciation week at Zaner-Bloser! Here’s their free download of 42 graphic organizers! Thanks for all you do, teachers!

Book Report Poster (UPDATED)

Thank you to Diane for submitting this fun book report poster. It’s legal size (paper) worksheet and is great for lower grades (or as an easy project for upper grades). Great end of the year project (present on your favorite book from the year) or as an end of the quarter/semester project.

Click here for the Word Doc: Book Report Poster- legal size

11 x 17 book resport page

I recently made a similar page that’s formatted to fit regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Here’s the PDF: My Book Report – Squarehead Teachers

Book Report STICKER

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Flower Paragraph Planner/Graphic Organizer

Flower Paragraph Planner sticker

Here’s a paragraph writing planner that will help your students understand the parts of a paragraph. After they fill in the flower side, have them write their rough draft paragraph using the provided lines. Often I find lots of cute graphic organizers for kids, but kids don’t quite understand how to go from the cute picture to a paragraph of sentences. So this one’s very simple: plan and then write downs the ideas on the flower (from the top to the bottom) and they’ll have a complete paragraph. Click here for the PDF: Flower Paragraph Planner Enjoy!

Character Analysis Graphic Organizer (free download!)

It’s nice to have some literacy-related graphic organizers ready (for a crazy day, an emergency sub folder, etc.). Here’s one that asks students to analyze their favorite character in a story. This could lead to a paragraph, picture or some other enrichment activity.

Click here to download the Character analysis graphic organizer.

Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer for Character Analysis (free download! )

This page is just what it sounds like: a graphic organizer set up to compare 2 characters. Add this to your collection of go-to’s when you’re not sure just what to do with that reading group… Easy-peasy!

Click here to download the Character analysis venn diagram graphic organizer