Write Your Name (poster)

write name poster STICKERI don’t know about you, but most times when I’m in a workshop or meeting and I’m given a handout, I instinctively write my name in the top right corner. You may laugh, but that’s the kind of automatic thing we want our students to do! I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make my own. Some students just need that simple little reminder and hopefully this will help! This poster is the size of regular printer paper (8.5″ x 11″).

Click here to download the free PDF: write name poster

About Me Test

About Me - Name Test STICKEROne important thing kids need to learn in kindergarten is their own personal information (name, phone number, address and birthday). Here’s a pretest you can give your kindergartners at the beginning of school to see what personal information they know about themselves.

Click here to download the free printable PDF: About Me – Name Test

Back-To-School About Me Character Sketch Project

Back to school about me character sketch sticker

At the beginning of the school year, the teacher and the students all want to get to know each other. Here’s a fun project that will also show you your students’ writing levels. Fill out the boxes on the planning page and then put them together on the second page into a cohesive paragraph. Then have students draw a picture of themselves. Put this up on a bulletin board for back-to-school open house, etc. Have a great school year!

Click here for the printable PDF: Back-to-School About Me Character Sketch

Basic Math Strategies (Review Packet for Parents)

Whats your strategy stickerThis is a great 4 page math handout for back to school night so parents have a quick refresher about what your students are learning. This small packet covers addition and subtraction, so it’s perfect for lower grades.

Here are the addition strategies the packet reviews: break apart, rounding, tens and ones, tens and ones with an open number line, hundreds chart and friendly number with open number line.

Here’s what it covers with regard to subtraction: break apart, tens and ones with an open number line, hundreds chart and a few strategies for missing addends.

Happy new school year!

Click here for the PDF: Landscape of Learning- Math Strategies (2)

Back to School Bus Bulletin Board

Back to School Bus- 1It’s always helpful to get to know your students at the beginning of the year. Here’s one bulletin board idea that will help each student express themselves and be a part of the classroom. First, have the students make their bus (using the directions in this post and printed on the page below the bus).

Click here for the free printable: Back To School Bus Bulletin Board

Decorate your bus according to these directions:

  1. Draw each member of your family inside the bus. Make sure to draw yourself in the first window. You may need to put more than one family member in a window if your family is large.  Use colors to decorate the people.
  2. Write your name inside the stripe in the middle of the bus.
  3. Draw each of the following things in the bottom section of the bus:
    1. Your favorite food
    2. Your favorite school subject
    3. Your favorite thing to do outside of school
    4. What you want to be when you grow up
  4. If you prefer ice cream instead of cake, draw stripes in the wheels. If you prefer cake instead of ice cream, draw dots in the wheels. Use your favorite color.
  5. Color in the top section of the bus (above the stripe and around the windows) using your favorite color.

Once all the students finish, have each student present their bus to the rest of the class. If your class is large, limit each student to 1 minute to share or allow students to only share their bus with those near them. Then put each bus up on a bulletin board and call it something clever (“Mrs. Smith’s Superstar Fleet”, “Travelling Down the Road to Success”, or something…).