Back-To-School About Me Character Sketch Project

Back to school about me character sketch sticker

At the beginning of the school year, the teacher and the students all want to get to know each other. Here’s a fun project that will also show you your students’ writing levels. Fill out the boxes on the planning page and then put them together on the second page into a cohesive paragraph. Then have students draw a picture of themselves. Put this up on a bulletin board for back-to-school open house, etc. Have a great school year!

Click here for the printable PDF: Back-to-School About Me Character Sketch

First Day of School Classroom Scavenger Hunt UPDATED

Classroom scavenger huntHere’s a great first day of school activity to help kids get familiarized with your classroom. This also provides you an opportunity to talk about things you’d like  students to know but might otherwise forget to talk about. Review answers at the end of the activity just in case anybody missed something. Enjoy!

Click here to view the printable PDF: Classroom scavenger hunt PDF


On My First Day of Kindergarten (or First Grade)…

I saw this idea and LOVED it! It’s a free worksheet to help you preserve how students draw, write and color. Such a fun idea for the first day of school! Click here for the free printable collection: First Day – coloring & drawing pages

first day of first grade A first day of first grade B first day of kindergarten A first day of kindergarten B