Halloween Graphing Page (Kindergarten, First Grade)

I Can Graph the Pictures- Halloween STICKER

I saw an idea similar to this and thought it would be fun to make. Contrary to popular belief, graphing is FUN! Students will color and count each type of picture on the page, and then fill in the corresponding graphing bars to indicate the total. Click here for the free printable worksheet (PDF): I Can Graph the Pictures- Halloween

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Halloween Art Projects for Kids

Handprint Spider and Watercolor Resist Web Paper Plate

Positive-Negative Pumpkin

Crayon Resist Spider Web

How To Paint Fall Trees

Safety While Trick-or-Treating

Halloween safety sticker

Halloween is a perfect time to talk to kids about safety. Here’s a cool resource for teachers from the National Crime Prevention Council and it’s got age appropriate online activities for kids (featuring McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog) as well as resources for adults teaching children.  The teacher who submitted this idea learned about it from a police officer who also included these cute Halloween themed pages to remind kids how to be safe while trick-or-treating: page 1   page 2

Halloween Pumpkin Graphing Worksheet

Halloween Jack-o-lantern Graphing sticker

My previous graphing worksheet was so well received, that I decided to make another one! This one deals with the weight of pumpkins, presented in a bar graph. It’s got questions that require addition and subtraction, and have students identify the largest and smallest data entries. Here’s the free printable PDF:  Halloween Jack-o-lantern Graphing

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Halloween Patterns Worksheet (free!)

Halloween Patterns- to draw sticker

I’m a bit OCD. That means I love patterns, and things being organized. Maybe that’s why I like making pattern worksheets. Here’s a fun draw-in-the-missing-piece Halloween pattern worksheet for kids. Click here to see the free printable PDF: Halloween Patterns- to draw (with answer key).

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Halloween Graphing Practice

Halloween Graphing sticker

A free printable Halloween bar graph practice page (worksheet) for you! After all, kids always need practice reading and analyzing graphs. Click here for the PDF: Halloween GraphingHappy Halloween! 


Color Your Own Patterns Halloween Worksheet

Halloween Patterns- to color sticker

Yup, more patterns! But this time, we’re adding color (which makes everything more fun, right!?)! So here it is, my free color-your-own-patterns Halloween worksheet. Free and easy for you to use in your classroom. Click here for the printable PDF: Halloween Patterns- to color

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Haunted Words Halloween Activity

Haunted words stickerMore fun with words for your fast finishers (there’s always a few students who complete assignments ahead of schedule, right!?)! Here’s a free, printable Thanksgiving activity for you to use in your classroom or at home. Click here for the PDF: Haunted Words Halloween Activity