Giant Spider Web (Classroom Halloween Decoration)

Check out this cool Halloween decoration idea submitted by a reader! She purchased a cheap spider web (the wad of web in a bag for a few bucks) and then stretched it out  around the legs of student desks. Have your own cool idea! Send it to me at squareheadteachers at gmail dot com!

Giant web with desks

Cool Halloween Ideas for your Classroom

Being a teacher on/around a holiday can be fun… or not. Here are two FUN ways to bring Halloween into your classroom:

Cool Halloween-themed science experiments!Source: Lemon Lime Adventures

Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Craft

Source: Crafty Morning

And just because I enjoyed this joke (from The Berry):
Fake Noodle

Halloween Adjectives Worksheet

Hello everyone! I’ve finally figured out a way to add candy corn to a worksheet! (I do love me some candy corn in October!) Anyway, here’s a simple adjectives activity for your students. Have them come up with two adjectives about each Halloween noun, and then color the candy corn (built-in “fast finisher” for your speedy students). Have a great Halloween!

Click here for the free PDF: Halloween AdjectivesHalloween adjectives STICKER

Halloween Memories Writing Project

Halloween Memories- with picture STICKER

Kids love telling stories about fun memories. Especially when it’s something they’re proud of (like a Halloween costume)! So here’s my opportunity to let my students tell me about a fun Halloween memory they have. They must write their story first, and then they get to walk around and read their story to 2 friends. Their friends must sign the back indicating they shared their writing. I made 2 versions of this worksheet, so you can choose whether or not you’d like to let your class draw a picture with their writing. Click the links below to see the free worksheets (PDF):

Halloween Memories – draw own picture
Halloween Memories – with picture

Fun Halloween Ideas

It’s finally “Halloween season!” Bust out the spooky decor and let’s get scaring! Ok, fine… maybe you can’t do as much fun Halloween themed stuff as you could years ago, but here are some productive Halloween ideas for you. I found them on Pinterest.  (Oooh! Follow me on Pinterest!)…

paper chain ghostI think this paper chain ghost (source) could be a fun class craft… or adapted into a management tool!! It might work to build the ghost out of paper chains, and then tell the class if they can get rid of the ghost, they earn a prize (extra recess, no homework for a night, etc.). When the class does well, remove a paper loop and throw it away. The kids can see the ghost disappearing, so they can see their progress towards a prize. Or you could be really ambitious and do this in reverse, by earning paper chain links to build the ghost and earn the prize.


I’m musically challenged. It’s ironic, because my husband is very musically gifted (I guess opposites really do attract). Anyway, whenever I have a chance to bring a music activity that SOMEONE ELSE PLANNED into my classroom, I jump on it. Especially when it’s about a holiday (killing two birds with one stone)! Here’s a clever Halloween song and rhythm game. It’s not too difficult, and it involves some physical actions, so I’m all for it.

Click here for the directions and printable game cards.

Halloween Creatures Crafts & Writing Project for Kids

I was browsing some teacher blogs recently and came across these adorable pictures of Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein (source), paper plate monster and witch:


(Students used green construction paper to make the head and legs (folded strips). They added black construction paper for hair (big hair with a white stripe for Bride), then added googley eyes, white for the screws coming out and some scars with markers/crayons. (Click the images below for the original post.)


And I started thinking of how you could use these crafts (or any Halloween creatures crafts) as a base for a writing project (not just the page in some of the picture)! How fun would it be to do a character “sketch” (description) for your spooky new friend?! So here’s the planning sheet I made to do after you finish making the craft. Have your students put at least 1 thing in each box. Click here for the PDF: Halloween Character Sketch graphic organizer

Creepy Character Sketch sticker

Once you’ve got it all planned out on the graphic organizer, put it into a paragraph. For older kids, challenge them to do multiple paragraphs. Maybe assign a 5 paragraph essay (choose 3 boxes to turn into body paragraphs). Then post the finished crafts and writing on a super spooky bulletin board to showcase your students’ work! Happy Halloween!

Fun Halloween Art/Craft Projects for Kids

Half Spider (with free printable template)

Oil Pastel Resist Pumpkin

 (Edvard Munch’s) “The Scream” Blow Painting

starlight pumpkinsStarlight Pumpkins (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade)


Best Kids’ Art Blogs

You know that there are great art lesson plans and blogs out there. But where to start? Let me tell you about some of the best ones I’ve seen (in no particular order):

Art Projects For Kids

  • projects for all ages, mediums and seasons
  • some projects require downloads you can purchase ($5 each)
  • step by step directions
  • examples of completed projects

Sample cool project:

folk art cat tutorial

A Faithful Attempt

  • projects for all ages, mediums and seasons
  • step by step (photo) instructions
  • examples of completed projects

Sample cool project:

That Artist Woman

  • projects for all ages, mediums and seasons
  • step by step (photo) instructions
  • examples of completed projects

Sample cool project:

Angela Anderson Art

  • upper grade art projects for all seasons (variety of mediums)
  • often general directions (not always photo instructions)
  • examples of completed projects

Sample cool project: