Hundreds Chart Worksheet: 10 More Than/10 Less Than

hundreds chart- more than- less than OWL sticker

I absolutely love this idea. I’ve done two other worksheets with this same idea (click here and click here to see them) and I’ve found it to be really successful. It’s super important to get kids familiar with the hundreds chart. Hopefully children will be so familiar with it that they can make their own hundreds chart on a piece of scratch paper during a test (since kids don’t get a printed hundreds chart on their standardized tests).Click here to see my third 10 more that/10 less than hundreds chart worksheet: hundreds chart- more than- less than OWL

Hundreds Chart More Than/Less Than Worksheet

Many of you have probably already seen this idea and it was mind-blowing! It’s such a good idea! Here’s a picture of it:

Hundreds Chart Math Center

I love how the math trend is teaching kids deeper number sense and relationships between numbers by giving them plenty of exposure to the patterns easily identified on a hundreds chart. I thought this idea would be great for a worksheet to extend the idea further. Hence, I give you my first (of many to come) hundreds chart more than/less than worksheets:

hundreds chart- more than- less than CAMPING stickerClick here for the free printable PDF: hundreds chart- more than- less than CAMPING

(Can you tell I could go for a camping trip sometime soon?! )

Expanded Number Form Game

Expanded form battle STICKER

Since the Common Core requires students to know various ways to write the same number, I made another practice page. This one is for 2 students to play and deals with writing expanded forms of a number written in standard form. For example, if the page says “245,” the student should write “200 + 40 + 5.” Click here for the free printable PDFs:

Expanded form battle 2
Expanded form battle 1

Number Forms Battle (for Kids)

Number forms battle STICKER

One of the standards on the new Common Core is that students will be able to write numbers in various forms. One of these forms is to write out a number in word form. For example, the number 164 is “one hundred sixty four.” Here’s a game/activity for two students to do. They must try to get 4 squares in a row by writing the word form of the number printed in the square. Enjoy!

Click here for the free PDF: Number forms battle

Get-To-Know-You Math Activity

I recently saw this idea and thought it was really cool! At the beginning of the year, students make a poster introducing themselves using numbers! Shoot, you could do this activity at any point in the year, not just the start of the year. For example they might use shoe size, weight, height, number of siblings, birthday, class number, number of pets they’ve owned, etc. Here comes the challenge (for upper grades): then students use sticky tabs to cover the actual numbers (written in standard form) and instead write an equation. See the examples below:

Then display the posters and see if kids can figure out who is who. This is especially fun if kids have completed the poster as a homework assignment (so kids don’t see them making it). Either way, it’s a great way to build number sense and reinforce the idea that a number can be written many, many ways. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Color By Number (odd/evens sort)

Turkey color by number-  sort odd-even STICKER

This Thanksgiving color by number page seems appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade, depending on your students. It requires kids to determine if a number is in a certain number range and then if it’s odd or even (creating 8 possible groups where the number fits, which indicates the color for that section of the picture). Click here for the free printable PDF: Turkey color by number- sort odd-even   Happy Thanksgiving!

Click here for more fun and free Thanksgiving stuff for kids!

Fall Number Sort 2

Fall number sort 2 STICKER updated

My previous fall number sort was such a hit, that I decided to tweak it a bit and make another one. Sort the leaves by coloring them according to the number inside (tens, evens, odds). Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Fall leaves number sort 2 UPDATED

Fall Number Sort- Evens, Odds, Tens

Fall number sort 1 Sticker

I love colors. Especially on leaves. So here’s my educational way to bring color into math! Color the leaves based on the characteristics of the number on the leaf (multiple of ten, evens, odds). Good activity for building number sense and celebrating fall! Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable worksheet: Fall Leaves Number Sort 1