Paragraph Practice – Getting Ready for School in the Morning

Here’s another of my paragraph practice pages. This one is about getting ready for school in the morning. The focus of this page should be the structure of the paragraph, including transitions. I intentionally chose a topic that kids wouldn’t have a hard time thinking about.

Getting Ready STICKER

Click here for the free printable PDF: How to Get Ready For School in the Morning Рparagraph practice

Flower Paragraph Planner/Graphic Organizer

Flower Paragraph Planner sticker

Here’s a paragraph writing planner that will help your students understand the parts of a paragraph. After they fill in the flower side, have them write their rough draft paragraph using the provided lines. Often I find lots of cute graphic organizers for kids, but kids don’t quite understand how to go from the cute picture to a paragraph of sentences. So this one’s very simple: plan and then write downs the ideas on the flower (from the top to the bottom) and they’ll have a complete paragraph. Click here for the PDF: Flower Paragraph Planner¬†Enjoy!