Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Worksheet

Here’s a fun twist on practicing parts of speech that came to me (*last minute*) the other day, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway… I combined the “color by number” idea with some basic parts of speech skills and ta-da! Hidden turkey just waiting to be revealed! Click here for the free printable worksheet: Turkey Color by parts of speech

Turkey Color by part of speech STICKER

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Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving P.O.S coloring STICKER

Who says grammar has to be boring!? Here’s a fun twist on grammar, specifically parts of speech. Kids color a Thanksgiving picture and then identify nouns, verbs and adjectives that have to do with their picture. A fun, free and easy activity (that still aligns with common core standards) for any busy teacher to use. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF pages: page 1   page 2    page 3

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Halloween Parts of Speech Activities!

Halloween P.O.S coloring page STICKER

I’ve always enjoyed teaching parts of speech. And who doesn’t love Halloween!?! So I thought these two things together could only turn out fun. So here are 2 free printable worksheets to help kids practice identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives. Click the following links to see/print the PDFs:  page 1   page 2    The following page was submitted by a fellow teacher. She wanted to have her kids use this as a starting point for more writing: Parts of Speech pages- back side

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Easy Parts of Speech Program

Parts of speech can be pretty lame to teach (and hard to teach) if you don’t have a good, painless way to do it a little at a time. Here’s what one school does:

  • Each part of speech is assigned a color (adjectives are brown, nouns are blue, etc.)
  • Each classroom has the same posters up (so there’s consistency as the kids move through the grades).
  • Teachers use sticky tabs to add examples of the part of speech to the poster.
  • The class diagrams a sentence on the board by moving magnets (foam squares with a magnet on the back) above the words to identify them.
  • Kids record these sentences and identify parts of speech in their literacy notebooks.

Parts of speech posters.


Parts of speech posters.



Literacy journal page


Magnets for diagramming sentences on the board.

Labor Day- What You Need to Know (free worksheet!)

Labor Day

What kids need to know about Labor Day (other than not to show up to school that day), including the history of Labor Day and its purpose. This worksheet also has some parts of speech practice at the end. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Labor Day

Parts of Speech Valentine’s Wreath (Paper Craft Idea)

You’ve probably seen Valentine’s Day paper crafts that look like this…

conversation hearts wreath(image source)

But have your ever thought of adding a parts of speech twist to the wreath project?

1. As a class brainstorm nouns, verbs, and adjectives that fit with Valentine’s Day.

2. Assign each color of hears a part of speech (yellow and green are nouns, pink and white are verbs, etc.)

3. Have students select words from the class brainstorm to write on the color of heart you’ve assigned.

The product is a cute, Valentine’s Day wreath, that looks like conversation hearts, but it really part of speech practice!