Statements & Questions Worksheet

Check out the statements and questions worksheet I made for We Are Teachers:

Statements and Questions preview


Click here to check out the free printable worksheet over at We Are Teachers.

Statements and Questions – Alligators on Scooters

Looking to help kids figure out the difference between statements and questions? Check out this page:

Alligators on Scooters STICKER

Students should read the words, determine if it’s a statement or a question and then write in the correct ending punctuation. After that, they can create their own statement and question, along with drawing a silly picture. Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Statements And Questions – Alligators on Scooters

Ask 3 Before Me!

Teachers answer questions all day long… and it’s exhausting! I saw this phrase up on a classroom and just HAD to share it! The teacher’s rule is that students must ask 3 other students their question before coming to the teacher with the question. Chances are one of those 3 other students will know the answer and the teacher can keep his/her sanity a little bit longer!