Summary Graphic Organizer

Welcome back, teachers! How is it the 2019-2020 school year already?! Mind. Blown.

Anyway, here’s your first freebie of the year: a summarizing graphic organizer! This is often referred to as the “somebody wanted but so then” style of summarizing a story. Enjoy!

Click here to download the PDF: Summary graphic organizer PDF

Summarizing – Graphic Organizer

Here are some more freebies I designed for We Are Teachers. I made one with simpler writing for younger grades and one with “cooler” writing for older kids:

Summarizing Graphic Organizer 1 previewSummarizing Graphic Organizer 2 preview

To go to the free printable freebies, please visit my post on We Are Teachers.

5 Finger Retell (summarizing strategy)



Many kids have a hard time retelling/summarizing a passage or story. This simple hand trick helps them tell only the most important parts of the story. One teacher I know keeps these two hand cut-outs on the wall near their guided reading table, so the kids can refer to it often. She says it’s really helpful for tons of her students.

5 finger retell

If you wanted, you could have each student trace their own hand and label each finger at the beginning of the year. You could put them on the wall to, or glue them to the front of a folder or reading journal, etc.