Dr. Seuss Field Day- Station 18

Station 18- Star Belly Sneetches Tug Of WarI recently learned about an awesome Dr. Seuss-inspired field day planned and organized by Patti, an elementary school PE teacher. Here is one of her 21 stations:

Station 18

Title: Star Belly Sneeches’ Tug Of War

Skills: Muscle strength, team work

Description: Class will compete against each other. Divide the group in 2 (MIX the groups equal with both boys and girls on each team). The students will pick up the rope only after the volunteer’s command and then pull only when told to “GO”. The object is to pull the center of the rope past the cone marker. The students are not to let go of the rope, and are to stop pulling once the volunteer declares a winner. Play until time runs out, new teams every few times.

**Please remind students not to wrap the rope around any body parts and to make sure their hands are dry. (Dryer hands will cause less rope burn.)