Is it a Sentence? Valentine Freebie

Is it a Sentence - Valentine STICKERUnderstanding what a sentence is can be difficult for young children to grasp. They speak in sentences, but it takes lots of practice to be able to recognize them in writing. Here’s a super simple, Valentine’s Day themed worksheet to help your kindergartners learn to identify complete sentences. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for the free PDF: Is it a Sentence – Valentine

Valentine Fraction-Percent Equivalents

Valentines Frac-Perc Equiv STICKERWhen I taught 6th grade, my kids really struggled with finding equivalent fractions, percents and decimals. This is a topic we had to continue reviewing and working on all year long. Here’s a Valentine treat for you: a FREEBIE! (I know, I know… everything I post is free! And that’s because I’m a BROKE teacher, so I assume other teachers are broke like me and can’t always afford to buy materials!)

Click here for the FREE printable PDF: Valentines Fraction-Percent Equivalents

Valentine’s Day Grammar Practice- Adapted Indian folktale stories (upper grades)

Here are some Valentine’s Day stories for upper grade grammar practice. Great for independent seat work  or whole class practice. Click here for the Prince’s Valentine printable PDFs:  prince part 1    prince part 2  Enjoy!

The prince's valentine- grammar- part 1 The prince's valentine- grammar- part 2

Here’s a second story. Click here for the Valentine Box printable PDFs:
 Box- part 1      Box-  part 2 

The Valentine Box- grammar- part 1 The Valentine Box- grammar- part 2