How Was Your Winter Break? (Report Writing Page)

Winter break report

Another break away from school means kids have a lot to tell you and their friends! Help them share their fun news with this free Winter Break report printable. It’s a quick, easy way to capture memories of their holidays while doing some writing! Win-win!

Click here for the free PDF: Winter Break Write Up

Hand Print Paper Wreath Craft

hand print wreath

This idea was submitted by a second grade teacher (Thank you!). She’s been making them with her class for years, and says it’s one of her favorite holiday crafts for kids. You’ll need:

  • lots of green construction paper
  • some red construction paper
  • 1 paper plate per child
  • scissors
  • glue

The paper plate is the base for the craft. Cut out the center of the plate (have students write their name on the back of the paper plate at this point). Then have students trace their hands on green paper and cut the hand prints out. Glue these on the paper plate, curling the fingers in a bit by rolling them. After you’ve layered the green hands to your preference, use the red construction paper to make berries and a bow (click here for the bows & berries template). There you have it!

This craft can be fun at family parties and other gatherings where you have guests of varying ages. Having different sized-hands on the wreath adds some variety. This can also be a fun craft for grandparents to do with their grandkids, etc. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

This worksheet deals with simple addition and subtraction. Based on the answer (even/odd), kids either color the light bulb red or green. Too cute! Click here for the worksheet.

12 Days of Christmas Math (Multiplication)

I saw this idea and thought it was a genius way to incorporate the holiday season into math practice (multiplication facts specifically). This worksheet has kids total up the cost of everything in the song “12 Days of Christmas.” Here‘s the worksheet, and here‘s the full lesson plan. This would be great for any class 3rd grade and up (with varied amounts of scaffolding), or for practice with your kids at home. Merry Christmas!!

Even More Christmas Crafts for Kids!

Some of these are just too cute not to share! They’re pretty simple, so with the right scaffolding, a wide variety of ages can do these crafts. Enjoy!

Trace your hand on craft foam and start decorating!



Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

I loved these fun Christmas tree craft ideas for kids! Click on the image to see the original post:

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Sledding In the Snow (Grammar Practice)

Sledding in the Snow- grammar practice STICKER


You guessed it! More fun winter cartoons from my dad! And another fun story for your students to correct (the grammar mistakes) as they read. Click here for the free printable PDF: Sledding in the Snow- grammar practice  Merry Christmas!

Free Christmas/Winter Graphing Worksheet (Kindergarten, First Grade)

I Can Graph the Pictures- Winter 1 STICKER

Oh, how good it feels to get free stuff! Today’s freebie is a holiday graphing worksheet for kindergarten or first grade. Make a graph using the data collected from counting cute pictures. Click here for the free worksheet: I Can Graph the Pictures- Winter 1