Santa’s Elf Application (Writing Activity)

Santa's Elf STICKER

Kids crack me up. They say, write and do the silliest things! Here’s another opportunity to capture all that creativity. This writing activity asks kids to apply to be one of Santa’s elves. Be sure to give kids an opportunity to share their application with other students. Maybe have the kids collect “endorsements” from classmates (Have students write their name on the back of a classmate’s paper to indicate that the student shared it with them). Merry Christmas!

Click here for the free printable PDF: Santa’s Elf Application

Schmoozing Santa (Persuasive Writing)

Schmoozing Santa- persuasive STICKER

I absolutely love reading letters kids write to Santa. So Why not turn this fun idea into an opportunity to practice persuasive writing! Here’s a FREE printable you can give your kids during the holiday season that you’re SURE to enjoy grading! You can use this page as a rough draft or a final copy page. Click here for the PDF: Schmoozing Santa- persuasive

Free Holiday Graphing Worksheet

Tracking Toys- Christmas Graphing page sticker

More practice for reading circle graphs/pie charts… with a holiday twist! It deals with determining the greatest and least in the data set, subtraction and addition. So without further ado, here’s my free worksheet for kids: Tracking Toys- Christmas Graphing page

How to Get What You Want From Santa

How to get what you want from Santa

Getting Santa to give you the exact present you want is tricky business. Do this with your class and see who’s got it all figured out! Fun writing project for the holidays!

Click here for the free PDF worksheet: How to get what you want from Santa.

Merry Christmas!