Counting on Fingers (Number Sense Activity)

I love this math activity. It’s genius on so many levels! This would help students with addition and subtraction, but also to teach “the 9’s trick” with multiplication! It would be a great introductory/review activity at the beginning of the year, especially to have each student trace their own hands and make one of these themselves. ¬†(source)

I know many parents (and some teachers) don’t like it when kids use their fingers to count or do math. Many see it as a sign of weakness of lack of understanding. However, each time you allow a child to use their fingers (or a hundreds chart or multiplication chart, for that matter) to get the right answer, you’re providing them an opportunity to discover and work for the CORRECT answer. Eventually kids will learn their facts from repetition or they’ll get tired of being the only one without them memorized and they’ll fix the problem. After all, speed isn’t what’s important in math. YES, it definitely helps and it has clear advantages, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. There, I’m done with my soap box; I’ll put it away now. ūüôā

10 More Than/10 Less Than Hundreds Chart Worksheet

hundreds chart- more than- less than JUMP ROPE sticker

Here’s my second worksheet to help kids see number relationships on a hundreds chart. My first worksheet seemed to go well so I thought I’d make another one. Here’s the free printable PDF:¬†hundreds chart- more than- less than JUMP ROPE

Chip Method for Teaching Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Are your students struggling with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? These videos explain it in a method that may just do the trick for your confused learners:

Place Value (Number Disks With Place Value Charts) by the NY Common Core Mathematics Project

Teaching Math (Child Narrated) by Kid Snippets


Christmas Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

This worksheet deals with simple addition and subtraction. Based on the answer (even/odd), kids either color the light bulb red or green. Too cute! Click here for the worksheet.

Adding Single Digits – Winter Worksheet

Adding- single digits- Winter-  full page STICKER

Here’s another simple addition worksheet for your lower grade class. It’s a perfect holiday ¬†excuse to practice math! What’s better than that! Click here for the printable PDF:¬†Adding- single digits- Winter- full page

Adding with Tens – Winter Worksheet

Adding with Tens- Winter - 2 STICKER

For whatever reason, sometimes kids have a hard time realizing how simple it is to add with tens. Here’s a short (HALF SHEET) worksheet to help reinforce some basic number sense with tens. Run¬†off copies for HALF the number of students in your class since there are two copies per page. Then cut the sheet in half and distribute. Merry Christmas!

Here’s the FREE worksheet:¬†Adding with Tens- Winter – 2 copies per page

Genius Teaching Tips!

no name tags

Desk name tags drive me nuts. So when I saw this idea (source) and just HAD to share it with you! Use an oil based Sharpie Paint Pen (available at craft and office supply stores) to write on the desk. It stays on just like a permanent marker, but you can see it better. Then at the end of the year when you’re ready to take it off, color over it with a whiteboard marker and it wipes off with a tissue! This same idea of erasing permanent marker with whiteboard markers also works on whiteboards, laminated posters, anchor charts, etc.

I’ve been focusing on multiplication facts with my kids lately, so, when I saw this idea I about fell over. (Yes, I’m always impressed by the creativity and pure genius I see in other educators!)! ¬†Kids shake the egg carton (above), and then multiply whatever numbers the chips land on. This can easily be switched to addition for younger kids. I love this idea and I’m excited to try it! (source)

This next genius idea (source) helps kids practice writing their letters the right size. It really helps younger students see what space should be used for lower case vs. upper case letters. This would be an awesome activity for kindergarten or first grade, even if you only did it once. You can buy pre-highlighted paper or just make your own using a highlighter. Making a bunch of these pages yourself is totally doable, but I recommend putting on a movie while you do it! ūüėČ

Ziploc Bag Slider Number Line for Addition & Subtraction

I recently saw this idea on Mrs. T’s First Grade Class and thought it was awesome! It’s got so many applications in math, I can hardly stand it! Id’s be great for simple addition/subtraction (draw a number line from 0 up). I wish I had known about this idea when I was teaching kids about negative numbers (write 0 in the middle along with positive and negative numbers)!