Free Halloween Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

Halloween- simple add sub word prob- STICKER 2

Here’s a fun free printable worksheet to practice addition and subtraction (no numbers greater than 20). The math word problems are all Halloween themed, so grab a pencil and get started! Here’s the PDF: Halloween- simple add sub word problems- 1

Here are the answers: 1.) 12 pieces  2.) 12 houses  3.) 13 pieces  4.) 15 pieces  5.) 2 bars

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Lego Math (Free Add. & Sub. Worksheets)

Lego addition 1What kid doesn’t love Legos? I mean seriously, there are infinite possibilities in those tiny little bricks! So naturally, I needed a way to bring Legos into my classroom… and this is what I came up with! Enjoy some simple addition and subtraction practice!

Click here for the free printable PDFs:
Lego addition 1
Lego addition 2
Lego subtraction



Dice Games: Math Turtles Collection

I’m a huge fan of games. They disguise potentially unpleasant practice! Here’s my collection of math turtles to help your kids practice basic math skills (including simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Happy spring!

Click here for the 4 printable PDFs: Turtle Dice Games

Addition dice game- turtle Dice Game- add sub 2 dice turtle 1 dice game- mult div 2 dice turtle multiplication dice game- turtle

Don’t forget about the Fancy Turtles editions!

Color By Number (simple addition & subtraction)

color by number add sub fish

Who doesn’t like to color? I mean really… there’s something calming about coloring. But why not exercise that brain while you color! Here’s a color by number with an addition/subtraction facts twist. Enjoy!

Here’s the free printable PDF: Add-sub color by number fish

Spring Time Math Facts Dice Game

I love playing math games… and what student can’t benefit from some basic math facts practice. So here’s a game for you.

  1. Print 1 copy of the worksheet for each player.
  2. Roll the die (let’s say you roll a 5)
  3. Color in the section of the picture that equals the number you rolled (for example, you could color in the section labeled “4+1=”). Make sure you write the answer in the section so it becomes a complete number sentence (“4+1=5”).
  4. Take turns rolling, and coloring (any color you want)
  5. First player to color in the entire page wins!

Make sure you choose the operation you want: basic addition, basic subtraction, basic multiplication or basic division. Happy Spring!EPSON MFP image



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