Lovely Friends Classroom Note Exchange

Friendship Notes STICKER

I take every opportunity I can to promote friendship among my students.  I encourage lots of compliments and positive thoughts. So when Valentine’s Day comes around, I really push the friendship idea! When I saw this idea, I thought it was fabulous! Run off a bunch of copies of this page and let your students give compliments to each other!

Click here for the free printable Valentine notes PDF: Lovely Friend Hearts

Valentine’s Day Grammatical Poetry

Another holiday means more effort to keep kids focused on learning! Why not use this free printable language arts Valentine’s activity to disguise grammar review and poetry?! Click here for the PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Valentines Day

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- V Day


Click here for more grammatical poetry!

Valentine Crafts for Kids

Looking for some fun Valentine crafts to do with your class? Check out these ideas:

Click here to see an awesome collection of Valentine animal crafts!


Give kids a bunch of pre-cut hearts and let them make something creative. (source)


Make a 3D heart wreath using strips of construction paper and ribbon (source).

Candy Thank You Notes for Teachers & Staff

A fellow teacher recently showed me this thank you note she had received at Christmas time.

Candy Card- original

It made me think of a few things:

  1. How good it feels to be appreciated.
  2. How many people it takes to run a good school.
  3. How I show my appreciation to those I work with.

I’ve created this thank you printable (3 color options: blue, green and pink) to make it easier to show your appreciation to your fellow faculty and staff members. I know I don’t always have the budget or time to get a gift for each person who helps me in my job (librarian, cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, office workers, aides, etc.). So if you’re like me, feel free to print this page and attach some goodies (Snickers, Smarties and peanuts/any peanut candy). Be sure to write the recipient’s name in the blank space at the bottom. (These are also great for PTA/PTO groups doing teacher appreciation day.) Spread the love and your school will be all the better for it!

Green candy thank you notes

Click here for the printable thank you’s:
Blue Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff
Green Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (St. Patrick’s Day note?)
Pink Candy Thank You Notes for Faculty-Staff  (Valentine’s Day note?)

Silly Valentine’s Day Poems for Grammar Practice (free worksheets)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy these silly poems and some grammar practice! Click here for the free printable PDFs: poem 1    poem 2    poem 3

V-Day Grammar- poem 1V-Day Grammar- poem 2

V-Day Grammar- poem 3

Valentine’s Day Grammar Practice- Adapted Indian folktale stories (upper grades)

Here are some Valentine’s Day stories for upper grade grammar practice. Great for independent seat work  or whole class practice. Click here for the Prince’s Valentine printable PDFs:  prince part 1    prince part 2  Enjoy!

The prince's valentine- grammar- part 1 The prince's valentine- grammar- part 2

Here’s a second story. Click here for the Valentine Box printable PDFs:
 Box- part 1      Box-  part 2 

The Valentine Box- grammar- part 1 The Valentine Box- grammar- part 2

Valentine’s Hundreds Chart (for upper and lower grades)

Here’s a number sense practice page (dealing with a hundreds chart) for Valentine’s Day. There’s never a wrong time to review numbers. Click here for the 2 versions (printable PDFs): chart- easy   chart- hard  Happy Valentine’s Day!

V-Day Hundreds chart- easy  V-Day Hundreds chart- hard

Click here for more free math stuff!

Valentine’s Day Math Simple Addition Worksheet

Most holidays are crazy in the classroom… especially ones that have a lot of candy and junk  food. But there’s no reason you can’t use the holiday as an excuse to do some practice. Here’s a simple addition worksheet (for 1st or 2nd grade). Click here for the free printable PDF: V-Day simple addition PDF  Happy Valentine’s Day!

V-Day simple addition

Click here for more free math stuff!