Halloween Adjectives Worksheet

Hello everyone! I’ve finally figured out a way to add candy corn to a worksheet! (I do love me some candy corn in October!) Anyway, here’s a simple adjectives activity for your students. Have them come up with two adjectives about each Halloween noun, and then color the candy corn (built-in “fast finisher” for your speedy students). Have a great Halloween!

Click here for the free PDF: Halloween AdjectivesHalloween adjectives STICKER

Grammatical Poetry – Summer Activity for Kids

It’s that time of year… the weather’s getting warmer and the kids are getting really squirmy! Must be the end of the school year! But learning’s not over (it never really is, right?)! Here’s a summer-themed language arts activity for kids that reviews grammar and helps them create a poem about summer time! Click here for the PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Summer

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- Summer

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Spring Word Cloud (Sort)

Spring word cloudWord clouds are fun. So why not use them in your classroom!? This page lists a bunch of spring-themed words in cloud form. Kids should color each word a specific color based on its part of speech.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Spring Word Cloud

Spring Grammatical Poetry

Another grammar practice activity! This one’s disguised as poetry and centers around springtime. So grab your bonnet and sit among the flowers while you work on this language arts activity! Click here for the PDF: Grammatical Poetry- Spring. It would be really cute to post each kid’s poem next to a spring or Easter craft… just an idea. 🙂

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- Spring


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St. Patrick’s Day Grammatical Poetry

So many of my readers enjoyed my previous posts about grammatical poetry, that I decided to make some more. So here’s another one. It’s a fun language arts activity that will help your kids review grammar while composing their own poem about St. Patrick’s Day. Click here for the free printable PDF: Grammatical Poetry- St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s what the page looks like:

Grammatical Poetry- St Patricks

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Valentine’s Day Jokes (Parts of Speech Worksheet)

Valentine's Day Jokes- POS STICKER

This was kind of a random idea I thought I’d throw out there and see what happened. I made a parts of speech worksheet where kids need to identify nouns and adjectives in jokes. This proved to be more interesting than anticipates, as jokes don’t always follow standard conventions. But it sure provided a great opportunity to discuss how the same word can be different parts of speech depending on how it’s used. I recommend this for mid-level grades ans upper elementary.

Check out the printable PDF: Valentines Jokes- POS
Valentines Jokes- POS answer key

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Common/Proper Noun Match 2

Common-proper noun match 2 STICKEROne of the Common Core standards for first grade is “Use common, proper, and possessive nouns (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1b).” Kids first have to first know what common and proper nouns are. Here’s my second worksheet to help kids understand the difference between the two kinds of nouns. In the worksheet, students match a common noun with its proper noun counterpart.

Click here for the free common/proper noun matching worksheet: Common-proper noun match 2

Singular/Plural Nouns Worksheet

singular-plural nouns food STICKER

The lower grade standards for the Common Core all deal with singular and plural nouns in one form or another. I loved this border and I just had to use it on a worksheet! Students are given a singular noun and have to write the plural noun. Here’s my free singular/plural nouns worksheet that centers around food!

Click here for the free printable worksheet: singular-plural nouns food worksheet

Thanks to all those who help spread the word about my blog! 🙂