Addition Dice Game: Zebra Edition

Simple addition practice for kids = woot! This Zebra’s dying to get colored all crazy! Roll a die. Then color in a section of the picture that is equal to the amount on the die (example: if you roll a 6, color in “3 +3” or “5 + 1”). First player to color in the entire zebra with crazy colors wins. Students will also write down the math facts they use at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Addition dice game- zebra


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Multiplication Dice Game: Landscape

Here’s an easy way to practice the most basic multiplication facts (totals to 6). Players roll the die, and color in a section of the picture that contains the equivalent. For example, if you roll 4, color in “2×2” or “4×1” or “1×4.” Enjoy!

multiplication dice game- landscape


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Fancy Turtle! (Odd/Evens Dice Game)

My friend’s class is struggling with odds and evens. So I made her this game and I thought I’d share it.  It’s really simple: Roll a die and if it’s odd, color in a section of the turtle with a heart. If it’s even, color in a section with a star. When the kids finish the game, the turtle has shapes and different colors on it, making it a “fancy” turtle.

Fancy Turtle- odd even - single die

I also made a version where players roll 2 dice and add to see if the sum is even or odd.  While I didn’t make a page for multiplication, it would be easy to instruct your kids to multiply the numbers on the two dice and then determine odd or even…

Fancy Turtle- odd even sums- two dice

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EASY Place Value Game… Around the World (with a twist!)

So you’ve probably heard about the classroom game, Around the World (IN A NUT SHELL: The teacher shows 2 students a math flash card. The first one to blurt out the answer moves to stand next to a new student’s seat and faces off with them using a new flash card. The winner gets to advance to a new student and the kids try to move as many seats as possible.) Here’s a fun twist on the classic game.


  1. Write any multi-digit number on a note card (for older grades, add decimal points)
  2. Underline 1 digit in the number
  3. Repeat until you have a stack of cards
  4. OPTIONAL: label the back of each card so you know what place value is underlined on the front (tens, hundreds, thousands…)

PLAY:  Instead of telling you the answer to a math fact (like in regular Around the World), the student must name the place value underlined on the card to win the face-off.

place value song

Submitted by a 2nd grade teacher in AZ. Thanks!

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Spring Time Math Facts Dice Game

I love playing math games… and what student can’t benefit from some basic math facts practice. So here’s a game for you.

  1. Print 1 copy of the worksheet for each player.
  2. Roll the die (let’s say you roll a 5)
  3. Color in the section of the picture that equals the number you rolled (for example, you could color in the section labeled “4+1=”). Make sure you write the answer in the section so it becomes a complete number sentence (“4+1=5”).
  4. Take turns rolling, and coloring (any color you want)
  5. First player to color in the entire page wins!

Make sure you choose the operation you want: basic addition, basic subtraction, basic multiplication or basic division. Happy Spring!EPSON MFP image



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Odd/Even Holiday Dice Game (free download!)

Still need practice with evens and odds? This is a good practice activity using dice. Kids roll two dice and they color in odd or even depending on the number they roll (see directions on sheet). Nice math worksheet for lower grades. Happy holidays!

Right click, choose “save image as” to save this game to your computer.

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Winter Holiday Dice Game

EASY winter holidays dice game to practice sums to 12. This game is especially good for 1st and 2nd grades. Right click on the page, choose “save image as” to save this game to your computer. Enjoy!


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Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Dice Game

Super simple Thanksgiving game! Print one for each player and start rolling a dice. Whatever number you roll is a section you can color in. First to color their entire turkey wins. Click here for the printable worksheets: Thanksgiving dice game PDF Enjoy!

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