Ziploc Bag Slider Number Line for Addition & Subtraction

I recently saw this idea on Mrs. T’s First Grade Class and thought it was awesome! It’s got so many applications in math, I can hardly stand it! Id’s be great for simple addition/subtraction (draw a number line from 0 up). I wish I had known about this idea when I was teaching kids about negative numbers (write 0 in the middle along with positive and negative numbers)!

Fly Swatter Game (Sight Words/Spelling Words)

Fly Swatter game sticker

This is one of my favorite games.  This works for reading, math or anything you can write on a card with an answer (great for spelling words, sight words, letter sounds, math facts, states/capitals, etc).

The pictures are of our spelling words for the week.  Kids get in groups of three or four.  One student does not have a fly swatter, while the others each have one.  The student without a fly swatter is the reader.  Spread the words (or math fact cards, or whatever) on the ground.  The reader  reads any word.  The other kids try to be the first to swat the word.  Whoever swats the word first keeps the word.  After the words are gone, the fly swatters get passed to the left.  If you don’t have the fly swatter, you become the reader.  Be sure to set up rules before the game that if someone intentionally swats another student with the fly swatter they sit out a round, or whatever your class rule would be.  For a whole class experience put the words on the board and give each team one fly swatter. Kids love this game!

My friend over at Cultivating Questioners had this to say about the fly swatter game: “I divide my whiteboard into two sections and write words or numbers on the board randomly. I then divide the students into two teams. I have one person from each team step forward with the fly swatter in hand. I then call out a problem or word and the students run to the front of the room and slap the correct answer in their team’s section. They love it!”

Halloween Word Problems (Addition/Subtraction)

Halloween- simple add sub word prob- STICKER 1

Here’s another fun (and free!) printable addition/subtraction word problems worksheet (no numbers greater than 20). The math word problems are all Halloween themed, so grab a pencil and get started! Here’s the PDF: Halloween- simple add sub word prob- 2

Here are the answers: 1.) 20 pieces  2.) 5 bats  3.) 9 flowers  4.) 10 cupcakes  5.) 11 pumpkins

Click here for more fun and free Halloween activities for kids!

Free Halloween Addition & Subtraction Worksheet

Halloween- simple add sub word prob- STICKER 2

Here’s a fun free printable worksheet to practice addition and subtraction (no numbers greater than 20). The math word problems are all Halloween themed, so grab a pencil and get started! Here’s the PDF: Halloween- simple add sub word problems- 1

Here are the answers: 1.) 12 pieces  2.) 12 houses  3.) 13 pieces  4.) 15 pieces  5.) 2 bars

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Fact Families Practice Page

Fact families sticker

Here’s a simple page to help your class work on fact families. Each day, choose a fact family (like 3+5=8) and have your students fill out the parts (3 and 5) and the whole (8). Then they can write all the number sentences within that fact family (3+5=8, 5+3=8, 8-5=3 and 8-3=5). This will help kids build their number sense and learn to identify relationships between parts and wholes. Click here for the free printable worksheet: Fact Families Page PDF


Math Key Word Group Project

I recently posted my addition and subtraction key words posters. Then I saw this in one upper grade teacher’s room and had an idea for a group project to review these concepts at the beginning of the year.


Pass out a large sheet of paper to groups of 2-4 students. Then have them create a poster that shows what key words are associated with each of the 4 basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Then post them on the wall as a reminder throughout the year. If you don’t have enough space to display them all, designate one spot for a poster and rotate through them throughout the year. When you switch posters to display a new group’s poster, have the group members review the key words with the whole class.

Number of the Day (worksheet collection)

As far as educational worksheets go, I’m really picky with what I’ll spend money on. I searched and searched for a number of the day packet I liked, but I couldn’t find any that I was completely jazzed about (or was willing to pay the listed price). So I made my own. They’re aligned with the Common Core (for example, 2nd grade works on “100 more than” and “100 less than”) and best of all, they’re FREE!

Click here for the collection: number of the day collection

4th worksheet in the collection

4th worksheet in the collection

* Be sure you know what’s on each worksheet before choosing a number for the day. Some worksheets ask for “100 less than” and it would confuse younger grades if the number of the day was 17.

* The PDF presents the pages in order of difficulty, starting with the easiest. I didn’t number them, because I was afraid a student would think the worksheet number was the number of the day. I suggest printing them all off and labeling them with a sticky tab so you know what order they go in.

*Number 6 and 7 aren’t all that different. The only difference is one question clearly asks for multiplication, where as the previous 5 worksheets allow the option for repeated addition (double or triple the number).

I’ve also seen teachers do a number of the day on the whiteboard to help reinforce it even more:


Addition and Subtraction Key Words Posters

I recently saw this in a lower grade classroom. It seemed like a good math poster to have up for use when discussing whether a word problem requires addition or subtraction.


So I decided to make my own free math posters for you to use in your elementary school classroom! Enjoy!

Math key words poster- add Math key words poster- subtract