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My last attempt at embedding this survey came out messy (it published differently than the preview). Please click the button below to take a super quick 5 question survey that will help me improve my blog. Thanks!

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P.S. I made this survey using forms on Google Drive. Click here to learn about creating forms on Google Drive. This is a great way to collect information from parents and students!

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Characters and Setting Posters

I saw these posters in a first grade classroom and thought their simplicity made them effective. And they’re pretty darn cute! Click here to view this same teacher’s main ideas vs details poster.

setting postercharacters poster

Sorry this one turned out blurry!

Number Ninja (Hundreds Chart Puzzles)

Number Ninja STICKER 1I’ve put together some puzzles to help kids become more familiar with the hundreds chart.  I want my kids to be so familiar with the hundreds chart that they can make one by themselves on scratch paper during a test, and can also identify patterns in our base-10 number system. I’ve made a series of puzzles that increase in difficulty.

Click here for the first 3 levels:
Number ninja 1
Number ninja 2
Number ninja 3

Cool Math Website

Check out this cool math website:  http://www.math-aids.com/

“This is a great math website for generating a math worksheet on just about any math topic.  You can customize it to be easy or hard, to say how many problems, etc.”

(Submitted by a 2nd grade teacher)

Know of a cool website you’d like to share? Let me know!


Telling Time Worksheets – Blank

Time telling STICKERAs standardized testing draws near, it’s time to review! I made this blank clock worksheet so I can draw in the hands to review whole hours, half hours, to the minute, etc. depending on the grade I’m teaching. When making materials, I try to make them transferable between grades when possible. I’ve made 2 whole sheet pages and a half-sheet.

Click here for the free, printable PDFs:
Bubble Time – Blank
Bubble Time 2 – Blank
Crazy clocks – Blank

Math Problem of the Day

Math problem of the day STICKERI’ve seen this idea many times before, but I’ve most of the pages I’ve seen are too “cutesy” to get away with in 6th grade. I made this one that’s pretty standard and has enough space for kids to adequately explain themselves. Although kids don’t like this kind of assignment, it’s where the standardized tests are trending towards. The more practice kids get, the better prepared they’ll be. I recommend doing a problem everyday that focuses on the topic you’re teaching, so that by the time testing rolls around, your kids are used to these kinds of questions.

Click here for the free printable PDFs:
Problem of the Day – lines
Problem of the Day – no lines

BrainPop Educational Videos

If you’ve never heard of BrainPop, you’re missing out! It’s a cool internet resource with games, review videos and other stuff for kids. There’s a paid membership available, but you can find tons of stuff for free without it. There are many free, animated movies (available for all content areas) that seem to appeal to kids. many of the review videos include a cute story line and dialogue between Tim and his robot friend, Moby. Click here to view all the free BrainPop stuff

Spring Ten Frames Worksheet!

Ten Frame- Bunny STICKERThe following worksheet will help kids review their understanding of numbers by coloring in ten frames to represent numbers (20 or less). This page would be fitting for kindergartners or struggling first graders.

Click here for the free printable PDF: Ten Frames – Bunny